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Do you find yourself wondering just what would make your child happier and more content?
Or what would make parenting less stressful and more enjoyable for more of the time?

Do you sometimes feel like you are not the parent you want to be and yet don’t know what else to do as you feel like you’ve tried everything?

We’ve all felt like that and feeling disappointed, feeling as though we are letting our children (and ourselves) down is so exhausting and when exhaustion sets in, everything begins to spiral.

Transformation takes commitment

How strong is your desire for change?

Instead of tinkering at the edges when you confront a problem committing to a comprehensive intentional parenting plan which leads to calmer more contented kids and happier adults is a much more successful option.

I’ll soon be launching my incredible new module based coaching program:

A comprehensive parenting blueprint, tailored for your family, which reflects your goals and values. You’ll gain the skills and knowledge to become the type of parent you want to be, the parent you hoped and expected to be.

The parent coaching package supplies you with information, guidance and teaches effective practical tools which will enable you to become calm, confident and parent at your best (most of the time!).

Create an intellectually and emotionally nourishing home environment

Order supports independence, creativity and confidence, it promotes calm and allows the child to focus and develop to the full . 

Learn how to establish and sustain a practical, stimulating child-friendly home which will meet the developmental needs of your child without excessive demands on you.

Contact me to book a family analysis session to discuss your needs.

Parenting packages

Give your child a fantastic start in life using my Keys to Contentment blueprint designed to meet the needs of your family.

I guide, teach and support you to make straightforward yet important changes, changes that mean your children will really blossom, the family will be transformed and everyone will be so much more content.

Parenting package

  • We’ll meet, in person or via video link, and together we’ll develop your family plan, based on your parenting goals and values

  • I’ll show you how to start the transformation and how importantly how to continue.

  • I’ll provide a step by step plan actions/immediate, medium and longer term

  • Trouble shooting individual video consultations

  • follow up support

The level of follow up support will depend on the results you want to achieve.

even better parenting seminars just for you (and a few close friends)


Seminars tailor-made to your interests and delivered in a place of your choosing.

Get a group of friends together and enjoy a seminar designed especially for your group.

Below are just a few suggestions for topics which have been very popular, many others are possible.

  1. A Montessori Approach to Parenting- what is it? What are the advantages? How would I start?

  2. The early years - how to give your child the best experience

  3. Creating a calmer more harmonious home -   why it's important and the practical steps to stop drowning in toys and feel the benefits of a calmer, more peaceful home.

  4. Developing effective Communication skills - stop pleading and nagging and get your kids to listen.

  5. Building Resilience, what is it, why is it important and how to build it. (with or without an emphasis on school readiness)

On the Parenting Blog page here you'll find lots of other ideas for topics  which may appeal to you or your group/committee/club.

Contact Paulene here to discuss a seminar for your group 

Paulene is an Experienced guest speaker ideal for AGMs, parent meetings, information evenings or conferences.