Lay good strong foundations early

Montessori, building strong foundations

Foundations need to be strong to be effective and long lasting.

 Right from the earliest interactions with their baby parents begin to create the the framework on which the on-going development of the child is built.

  • Have you established a  pattern of communication which is effective, open and honest?
  • Are you are really saying what you mean and can the child  understand clearly what is meant?
  • Does your child listen and respond well to your directions, if not, what might you do differently?
  • Are you, unknowingly, communicating a belief that the child cannot cope with disappointment or the belief that that they can, and will, overcome disappointment and adversity to become strong and resilient?

All of these topics are covered in practical detail in the presentation:

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Developing Resilience and Establishing Good Communication

This presentation is most suited for the parents and caregivers of children aged between (approximately) 18 months and five years.

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