Play is the work of the child and work is the play of the child

"Play Is The Work of the Child”  Maria Montessori

Research shows that 75% of brain development occurs after birth, most of it in the early years.

Early experiences and relationships are vital as they both stimulate and influence the development of your child's brain. These experiences influence the development of motor skills, language, socialisation, emotional well-being, creativity, problem solving and learning ability.

To be positive the activities (the play) must meet the developmental needs of the child. If the activity is too hard or too easy the child becomes either bored or frustrated and that has a negative impact on the child. It's important to go through your child's toys and the activities you are offering on a regular basis to see that they are still appropriate. 

If you take your lead from the child, especially with things they are desperate to 'help' with or to do by themselves you will see where they need to go. Also by looking objectively at the toys they use and the ones they don't, at which activities they most enjoy and which they don't, you can then understand which are the elements of each. This valuable knowledge will help you to plan positive, meaningful activities and life will be more fun for everyone!

Enjoy these wonderful early years where each day the miracle of developing life unfolds before you.