Montessori Parenting- raising calm contented kids

Together we’ll uncover your pathway to family contentment

5 fantastic benefits of this course!

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  • You’ll be more confident in your everyday parenting decisions

  • be less stressed about whether you’re doing the right thing

  • your kids will be calmer, more cooperative and more content (as will you)

  • you’ll be refreshed and have more time and energy for fun with your kids

  • and you’ll know you’re setting your kids up for success in the future

Coaching and mentoring is key to transformational success in any field. Montessori is no different.

This program includes a unique feature, five individual support sessions with an empathetic experienced Montessorian.

Wouldn’t you love that?


How would you like to to get started right now on reaching more of your Montessori goals?

Book a time for your Montessori Parenting Q&A session.

We’ll discuss your parenting goals and I’ll help you make your Montessori hopes a reality.

Nothing to lose and so much to gain.

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Montessori Parenting- raising calm contented

kids is far more than an online ecourse.

It’s a program where you are supported and

guided throughout the course with private,

individual mentoring sessions

(via video or audio).

I can help you.

Nothing to lose and so much to gain.

Course Module Details

After each module, when you are ready, you schedule your individual mentoring session.
You set the agenda and we problem solve the issues that are important to you.

The private mentoring sessions

  • The sessions are via video or audio so are incredibly convenient and available.

The modules

Montessori Parenting course

Montessori Parenting course

  • The modules (details below) have no time limit.

  • You can start with Module 1 as soon as your payment is cleared.

  • Then proceed at your own pace through each module as it is released returning to it as many times as you want.

  • Your progress is entirely up to you.

  • The modules are available to both parents for the same price.

Montessori Parenting- raising calm contented kids

Module 1

Understand your child’s needs

  • Understand what the sensitive periods are and why they’re so important

  • Discover what’s realistic to expect at each stage of development 

  • Understand the important role of observation

  • Remove the guesswork using the Development Stages Map

  • Learn how to create calm contentment by giving your child exactly the challenge they need 

Module 2

Create deeper family connections

  • Ease family friction with realistic expectations.

  • Communication and Credibility : the basics of creating a deep connection with your child 

  • Discover how to create clear communication that builds essential trust 

  • The Clear Communication Framework 

Module 3

These Small changes bring big results

  • Why Natural Consequences work beautifully and why they’re so different to punishment

  • How to supercharge the calming effects of small changes 

  • Follow the step-by-step guide to using the Natural Consequences method of developing understanding and cooperation 

Module 4

Support Your Child's Natural Independence

  • Help your independent child to thrive and create pathways to calm cooperation. 

  • Read these signs and avoid stressful misunderstanding.

  • How order supports independence and why it matters.  

  • 3 detailed examples for you to implement  

Module 5

Raise Resilient Kids

  • Resilient children have inner strength and the ability to bounce back from life's inevitable disappointments

  • How much disappointment is too much, should you (always) let them win?

  • “My child is so sensitive they can’t cope” Yes they can, when you use this Strength Building approach

Recap of the course benefits

  • Understand more fully Montessori principles and how to put them into action

  • Learn practical ways to work in harmony with your child's drive for independence and meaningful activity.

  • Set your child up for future success by building confidence and resilience.

  • Learn practical skills to respectfully change difficult behaviour

  • Ease family frustration by developing realistic expectation both for you and your child

  • Understand how to use natural consequences, because they really work.

  • Learn to protect and promote concentration, one of the most important skills for future success.

  • Promote calm so your child wants to play creatively and independently.

  • Value the beauty of order and simplicity.

  • Open your child’s eyes to see the beauty and excitement of the world around them.

Montessori Parenting- raising calm contented kids is an integrated package, loaded with all the information and the personal guidance you need for confident, effective Montessori-inspired parenting, parenting which will bring out the best in you and your child.

Become the very best Montessori parent you can be with:

Five online self-paced modules, available to both parents for the same price