wet weather activity

The key to enjoyable outside play, whatever the weather.

Nature is a great teacher

Wet weather fun!

I'd like to make the case for the joy to be had outdoors in the rain.

Playing in the rain is fun on wet days, on wet and windy days and even wet and cold days. Children love it!

The key to enjoyable outside play is good, comfortable weather-proof clothing.

Such clothing is easily available online.

For smaller children a pair of overalls and a jacket probably gives you the most flexibility with combinations, plus of course, a pair of comfortable gum boots.

Older kids usually like separate pants, and jacket plus boots.

Having spent some time working in Scandinavia I observed first hand the fun to be had outdoors in all weathers and saw the sense in the saying “ There's no bad weather only bad clothing”.

Comfortably kitted out children love to be outdoors, running, jumping, dancing, splashing in the puddles, watching rain fill small and large containers, seeing raindrops dripping off leaves and roof lines, trying to catch one little raindrop drop in their mouths....

Look after yourself as well, if you too are comfortably dressed a trip to the playground or the park will be great fun, and a source of great delight for you and your child. Perhaps you may even like to take a warm drink with you, a flask of warm chocolate – so special and such fun.

If you live somewhere where it's wet and the temperature is warm enough, go one step further, strip off your little one's clothing and let them run naked in the rain, what joy, what delight!

If that's a step too far, start with bare feet.