One size does not fit all

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Your family circumstances

The internet is awash with great information but one thing it can't do is take into account your personal circumstances or challenges. 

While parenting styles and beliefs about children differ wildly what doesn’t differ very much are the developmental needs of children.

My service is aimed at parents like you who want to use a Montessori-inspired approach to parenting and maximise the learning potential of the early years.

Individual consultations

Instead of generalised advice, one to one consultations deal with the precise circumstances of your family and provide a parenting plan tailored to them.

Parenting isn't easy and when things aren't working as well as you’d like, you're stressed and tired, it's even harder to see what to do to make things better.

Working with people to unpack, understand and create solutions to things that are worrying them is what I love to do, it's the very reason I started even better parenting.

Changing habits isn't easy

Change isn't easy and change without support is especially hard. However if you have the right support you are far more likely to succeed. In all walks of life people with support do better than those without, parenting is no different.

Because I understand the issues families face and the needs of young children I can guide you step by step to successfully make the changes you have been trying to make alone.

If there's anything you’d like to do differently or anything at all that you'd like to discuss, just call me and we can have a no-obligation chat and take it from there.