Avoid a boring meeting, instead invite an informative guest speaker


Need a guest speaker for your group?

Choose a topic from those below or create one from the parenting articles and contact Paulene Richardson for availability.



Perhaps you have a group of friends interested in a tailor-made seminar delivered in a venue of your choosing?


Below are just four suggestions for topics which have been very popular, many others are possible.

Here are the four for you to consider:

1. A Montessori Approach to Parenting- what is it? What are the advantages? How would I start?

2. De-cluttering, why it's important and the practical steps to stop drowning in toys and feel the benefits of a calmer, more peaceful home.

3. Developing effective Communication skills - stop pleading and nagging and get your kids to listen.

4. Resilience, what is it, why is it important and how to build it. (with or without an emphasis on school readiness)

On the Parenting Blog page  you'll find lots of other ideas for topics  which may appeal to you or your group/committee/club.


Kristy: Lots of practical tips in the Montessori at home seminar. Paulene is knowledgeable, humorous, and a clear communicator. I would highly recommend this seminar.

Audrey:"Thank you for an eye opening and enlightening session at the Vermont South library. I found it very useful as well as reassuring of my parenting skills. 

It has given me confidence of my approach towards parenting and disciplining my four year old son. I look forward to the next time you speak at the Vermont South library."  

Emily: "I attended Paulene’s seminar and found it interesting, informative and very relevant for my young family.

She was generous with her time by answering questions from her audience. I found her to be approachable and friendly. I came away feeling motivated to make changes in my home.

I follow her Facebook page and find the articles and tips helpful."