Your pathway to a happy, contented family life - Montessori inspired parenting

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Over many years I have worked extensively with the families of young children, providing information, practical advice; equipping parents with strategies, skills and knowledge about how to create the best home environment for their child and for the family as a whole.

Again and again parents told me the strategies I taught them worked and understanding more about the developmental needs of their child really helped them to make some changes which made family life more enjoyable for everyone.

The purpose of even better parenting is to help families use the tools of a Montessori-inspired approach to parenting, enabling them to parent with confidence, contentment, creativity and joy.

Using a practical Montessori-inspired approach in your home doesn't require expensive specialist Montessori equipment, nor does it require parental perfection. 

It’s not home schooling, it’s a positive and practical approach to everyday parenting which meets the developmental needs of the child.

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