No-one flourishes on the family battleground

Photo by  Arwan Sutanto  on  Unsplash

Understanding what drives your child is the first important step toward finding peaceful solutions to family conflicts.

The young child is not deliberately trying to annoy their parents though it can sometimes feel like that. The child is trying to satisfy their needs with what they have around them.

Young children have an innate pattern of development and are driven by that, they can’t change it, we can’t change it.

What parents can do is learn how to understand it and how to cater for it in positive ways.
For support understanding more about how to best meet the needs of young children head over to the blog page or contact Paulene.

When the developmental needs of children are met, the home takes on a different atmosphere, stress is reduced and it becomes a calmer, happier place and who wouldn’t love that! 

Which changes are the most important?

Identify the most common ‘hot spots’, the points of conflict which occur again and again. Look for patterns.

Once you see the patterns you can begin to assess what’s behind the conflict and look for practical solutions.

What is the child asking for through their behaviour, what need are they trying to satisfy, can you together find a practical solution?

To understand children’s stages of development parents sometimes need some outside support.

Parents who’d like more information about ways to meet the developmental needs of children in the early years can contact me.

I set up even better parenting to support parents in their parenting.

Early childhood is so very important as the child’s brain is being built day by day, experience by experience. Early learning shapes the child’s brain and provides the foundation for all that follows.
Let’s make sure the foundation is as solid as possible.

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