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Hi, I'm Paulene Richardson and I created even better parenting as a result of my professional experience working with the families of young children.  

Over and over, parents asked for help with parenting.  
I created this site and a coaching service so parents everywhere could access early years parenting information, advice and support.

You’ll find Testimonials at the bottom of this page.

My Story 

My own story is that I started professional life as a primary school teacher. I enjoyed working with young children but couldn't shake the feeling that there had to be a better way.

A long story short, I was introduced to Montessori's philosophy via her writings and on my first observation of a 2-3-year-old group, I fell immediately in love and knew I had found my path. 

I loved the dignity, the respect, the acknowledgement of the child's capabilities, the range of activities, the lack of competition and the catering for individual difference. 

Since my Montessori training (AMI) in London, I have had a long career in early education both here in Australia and in Norway.  

It's through the parents of the many children I have taught that I came to fully understand just how hungry parents are for information about ways they could better understand their children, lessen family friction to create a happier home life and give their children a wonderful start in life. 

As I have worked with families (my own included) I have become ever-more convinced that the basics of the Montessori philosophy has much to offer all parents, irrespective of whether or not they've ever heard of Dr Maria Montessori. 

While my approach to early years parenting is largely based on Montessori's work, it is underpinned by my wider academic studies of child development and, importantly, by my experience both as a teacher and as a parent. 

Why a Montessori approach? 

 Montessori's philosophy emphasised respect for the child, active learning, independence, cooperation, and learning in harmony with each child’s unique pace of development.  

I believe these qualities fit comfortably with parents wanting to follow a gentle parenting style, a respectful parenting style, a conscious, intuitive or holistic style of parenting as Montessori was doing all this long before those terms were coined. 

Montessori's categorisation of developmental stages gives us a practical, succinct picture of early learning needs and provides a concise way to both describe and understand the different developmental stages and the learning of the needs of the child, in this case, from birth to six years.  

An understanding of these stages means you can focus on your child's learning needs and concentrate on how to meet them within the context of your family. 

That doesn't mean I'm encouraging you to create a Montessori style classroom at home, far from it, or suggesting you should rush out to buy 'Montessori' toys. Rather it means you can use the information along with the underlying principles of respect, understanding, love and dignity to reduce family stress and parent in tune with your own values.  

I help parents learn how to change the things that are not working in their family.

During decades of experience working with young children and their families, parents have, over and over, asked for help, often on the same issues.

Working with me you will learn what matters most and which tools/strategies to use so that your children flourish and you can parent with greater confidence and more joy secure in the knowledge that you are doing the very best for your child.

My work focuses on families with children from toddlers - 6 years

Why use my services?

I’ve helped many other families, I can help yours too. 

I promise you that after working with me you will more fully understand the learning and developmental needs of your young child and that understanding mean you will be less frustrated and so will your child

Testimonials from satisfied families:

H & A “Paulene provided an objective observation of our parenting and made us see clearly how we needed to get back control by tackling one issue at a time.

She provided practical strategies we’re still using years later like clarifying what are “parental versus family versus kid decisions”.

Paulene’s coaching and support is non-judgemental, grounding and invaluable when you’re in the deep trenches of parenting and just need some impartial and professional guidance”.

Lisa: "With the arrival of our second child, we were keen for some assistance and strategies in dealing with typical 2-3-year-old behaviour challenges, and ensure we were prepared for inevitable sibling rivalry and others issues that arise when there’s more than one.

Paulene exceeded our expectations, she was down to earth and truly understood our parenting challenges.

In listening to us, she gave great practical strategies, along with the reasons why. We have implemented many of the simple tools provided, and these have definitely helped replace an authoritarian approach with one that is based on choice, that is calm and results in happier and more well-behaved boys (and parents!).
Paulene has a wealth of knowledge and skill, I’d happily recommend her to anyone looking for alternative strategies to assist with the frustrating challenges we all have as parents."   

Olga: Thank you very much for all you are sending!  I truly enjoy each article and I pass it on to my daughters, in-laws, friends and students!  God bless you for sharing such valuable info for the children thru the adults.”

Emily: "I attended Paulene’s seminar and found it interesting, informative and very relevant for my young family. She was generous with her time by answering questions from her audience. I found her to be approachable and friendly. I came away feeling motivated to make changes in my home. I follow her Facebook page and find the articles and tips helpful."   


Audrey: "Thank you for an eye-opening and enlightening session. I found it very useful as well as reassuring.  It has given me confidence in my approach towards parenting and disciplining my four-year-old son. I look forward to the next time.”

Jen: "Thanks Paulene. You are such a wealth of wonderful knowledge and advice. “