Using practical Montessori Principles to meet the challenges of modern parenting

Understanding simple Montessori-inspired principles and incorporating them into everyday family life the results will satisfy both child and adult.

Using a practical Montessori-inspired approach in your home doesn't require expensive specialist Montessori equipment, nor does it require parental perfection. 

As an experienced Early Childhood professional I would love to teach and support you to:

  • Understand the principles which underpin Montessori education, how to apply them and which specific areas are particularly relevant to the developmental needs of your child.

  • Put the motto 'Help me to do it myself' into practise and understand your child's drive for independence and meaningful 'work' (play).

  • Build your child's skills, confidence and resilience.

  • Understand how to protect and develop concentration.

  • Sort through the many toys and activities you already have and understand which best serve the current developmental needs of your child.

  • Demonstrate how to use the toys you have in new ways. Categorised and organised differently they will have new appeal to your child and will better meet their developmental needs.

  • Create new activities which satisfy the child's quest for independence.

  • Organise the space so your child has an area where they can 'work' independently.

  • Value the beauty of order and simplicity.

If any of the above appeals to you,  contact me.