Using practical Montessori Principles to meet the challenges of everyday modern parenting

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If you’d like to parents with more confidence, more contentment, creativity and joy, you have come to the right place.

Together we can find solutions

Using a practical Montessori-inspired approach in your home doesn't require expensive specialist Montessori equipment, nor does it require parental perfection. It’s not home schooling, it’s a positive and practical approach to everyday parenting which meets the developmental needs of your young child.

Let’s work together to create a parenting plan for your family, a plan which includes:

  • Understanding more fully the developmental needs of your child. It’s hard to meet needs you don’t see or don’t fully understand. When that happens everybody ends up frustrated.

  • Learn how the principles which underpin Montessori education can be used at home, how to apply them to your parenting and which specific areas are particularly relevant to the current needs of your child.

  • Putting the motto 'Help me to do it myself' into practise and understand your child's drive for independence and meaningful activity.

  • Ways to build your child's skills, confidence and resilience.

  • Understanding how to protect and develop concentration.

  • Evaluating the many toys and activities you already have and understand which serve the developmental needs of your child, which do not, and why.

  • Learning how to use the toys you have in new ways. Categorised and organised differently they will have new appeal to your child and will better meet their developmental needs.

  • Creating new activities which satisfy the child's strong drive for independence.

  • Organising the space you have so your child has an area where they can 'work' independently.

  • Value the beauty of order and simplicity.

Make the change to a more harmonious family life,together we can find solutions,  Contact me.