Do you find parenting more complex than you ever imagined?


Many people find everyday parenting is much more complex and challenging than they ever imagined.

When this happens they become stressed, anxious, disappointed in themselves and their parenting, unsure about where to turn or what else to do.

If that describes you, does it mean you’re a bad parent?

No it does not, quite the opposite.

What it means is you don’t yet have all the knowledge, skills or the support you need to parent your child in the way you would like to.

Here’s something which may help.

Throughout my website I talk about how important it is to meet the developmental needs of your child and people often ask,

What are the key developmental needs of my 2-6 year old?

They are:

  • Sensory exploration

  • Language

  • Order

  • Movement

  • Social skills

  • Independence

Misunderstandings and mismatched expectations lead to frustration and unhappiness, for both parent and child.

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