Parenting gold

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This piece of parenting gold is for parents who are experiencing frustration because they can't get their kids to do what they ask.

Following through is the key to getting a child to do what you ask.

When you consistently follow through with natural consequences, delivered lovingly, your child will know you mean what you say.

Natural consequences are not punishments they are ones that occur naturally as a result of the action, to understand more about natural consequences and how they differ to punishments click here.

Why does it matter?

Consistency is incredibly important as it strengthens your credibility and reinforces your trustworthiness.

It shows you're dependable and makes your child feel more secure as they know they can trust you mean what you say.

It will also mean they are less likely to be argumentative.

Now we all know following through is easier said than done, especially at the start.

“I’ve tried but it just doesn’t seem to work”

It really will work and if you feel like it won’t here’s something to help you try again.

When you click this link you’ll find a step by step practical example of following through. It’s guide and can be applied in many everyday situations.

If you pick one or two areas to target, preferably things which are currently really annoying you and do this consistently for a month and you’ll be amazed by the positive results.

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