Change your life, buy a coat rack!

hallway coat rack.jpg

Something as simple as a basic coat rack can have a profoundly positive effect on your family life.


Yes, really!

Here’s why:

As you enter the house, remove outdoor shoes and clothing and place them on the hall-stand. By doing this you will know exactly where to find these same items when you need to leave the house again.

Add baskets to the stand to store smaller items like hats, gloves and sunscreen.

It's so simple and helps create organised reliable order which is so important to the young child.

Establish simple routines

Establishing simple routines like this saves precious time and more importantly, avoids a great deal of stress.

The seat on the stand makes it easier for your little one to put on and take off their shoes and so helps them in their drive for independence.  If your coat rack doesn’t have a seat buy a low stool.

Demonstrate each skill

Demonstrate each skill (e.g. hanging up a jacket) at a neutral time when you're not busy or time restrained and the child is free to practise at will.

Children enjoy mastering new tasks it builds their sense of competence.

Other forms of storage

You can, of course, use other forms of storage such as baskets or simple plastic tubs and a low stool in place of a hall-stand with a seat.

Whatever you choose it’s creating the routine that will make the difference.

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