Want to change your child's behaviour? Ask these 6 questions



It’s a new year and traditionally it’s the time when we think about things we’d like to change and many of us make resolutions about what we’re going to do differently in the coming year.

To be successful these resolutions need to realistically achievable and most importantly, accompanied by a practical plan of action.

Recently I came across this great article and just had to share it with you.

6 questions Montessori teachers ask when they want to change behaviour

You don’t have to be a teacher or follower of Montessori’s philosophy, if your child has some behaviours you’d like to change, you can ask the same 6 questions.

The questions will help you to focus on what’s really happening and then provide the basis of a practical plan for change.

If you’d like some help to implement your planned changes please contact me, I’d really love to help.

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Link to article

Happy New Year! 😃