Resilience - what is it, what fosters it in a child and what inhibits it?

A seminar for those wanting to encourage resilience in children.

Suitable for parents, grandparents and child care workers

Tuesday August 23rd

7.15 for a 7.30pm start

Northcote Library meeting room, 32-38 Separation St, Northcote

We'll discuss what resilience is, why it is important and how you can foster it in your child right from the start,

Most parents want their children to be resilient, to be able to "withstand or recover quickly from difficult conditions" yet child experts tell us children are becoming less resilient. 

Why, and what can you do to promote resilience?

Learn how you can help your children develop inner strength and the ability to bounce back from life's disappointments

Understand how to support your child's quest for independence and why it is vital in the development of resilience.

It's important to demonstrate confidence in your child, learn how you can, yet not compromise safety.

 Over praising hampers the natural development of the child, in some cases doing real damage so what are some alternatives  to 'that's awesome!?

Expectations, are yours realistic or are they creating unnecessary tensions as your child works toward independence?

 Lots of time for discussion and questions.

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