Hi, welcome, I'm Paulene Richardson Montessori early years parenting adviser.

I want to do it myself

Montessori Parenting - raising calm contented kids

Learn how use the essence of Montessori in your everyday parenting

You want the best for your child, and you love the idea of Montessori.

It looks so simple and beautiful on those perfect Instagram posts and YouTube videos, but you are not sure where to start.
Or perhaps you’ve tried on your own and found the reality very different and you don’t know why, you try to guess what’s gone wrong?
Is it me, is it my child? Is it the toys? Or does Montessori not really work?

No more guesswork!

Montessori Parenting- raising calm contented kids has everything you need to make your Montessori hopes a reality.

Far more than an online course, with Montessori Parenting- raising calm contented kids you are supported every step of the way with personal, individual mentoring sessions (via video or audio link).

As you move through the program putting the information into practice,

  • you will be far less stressed about whether you’re doing the right thing

  • you’ll be more confident and spend less time worrying

  • your kids will be calmer, more cooperative and more content

  • you’ll be able to respectfully and effectively deal with challenging behaviour

  • you’ll be refreshed and have more time and energy for fun with your kids

  • and you’ll know you’re setting your kids up for success in the future.

Coaching and mentoring is key to transformational success in any field, parenting is no different.

Therefore included in this course are five individual mentoring sessions.

If you’re not reaching all your parenting goals book a ‘Parenting Breakthrough’ session now, it’s free and incredibly helpful!
Together we’ll unpack what’s bothering you most and I’ll show you how to change things that are not working.

Nothing to lose and so much to gain.

Private Montessori Coaching /mentoring

via audio or video link

”Paulene has given my family and I the most precious gift; confidence and the peace of mind.
She has really listened to all of my concerns and helped put me on track with extremely helpful wisdom she has gained through years of personal experience.
Talking with her finally gave me the boost I have needed to feel confident as well as helped to center me on the end goal of Montessori.
Please do not pass up this wonderful opportunity!”

H & A
Paulene’s coaching and support is non-judgemental, grounding and invaluable when you’re in the deep trenches of parenting and need some impartial and professional guidance”.

”Paulene exceeded our expectations, she was down to earth and truly understood our parenting challenges.
In listening to us, she gave great practical strategies, along with the reasons why.
We have implemented many of the simple tools provided, and these have definitely helped replace an authoritarian approach with one that is based on choice, that is calm and results in happier and more well-behaved boys (and parents!).“

Learn how to use Montessori principles in everyday family life so you can:

  • enjoy family life with calm contented kids ✔

  • be both gentle and effective ✔

  • raise strong, confident, resilient children ✔

  • deal with challenging behaviour in a constructive and effective way ✔

  • refresh your energy and enthusiasm for parenting in general and Montessori in particular ✔

  • set your child up for success in the future ✔

  • avoid parent burnout✔

  • have more time and energy for family fun ✔

Everything you need is right here!

If you’re not reaching your parenting goals book a time now for your free ‘Parenting Breakthrough’ session. I will help you uncover why and how to change the things that are not working.

Nothing to lose and so much to gain.

Create the family life you really want, one that nurtures every family member, including you.

You’ll be happier, more confident and your kids, calmer and more co-operative.