FAQs: Are we the right fit for you?

Q1: What ages do you work with?

A: I specialise in working with parents who have children between 2 and 6 (approximately), the really important years.

Q2: What makes your Keys to Contentment service different to any other?

A: Keys to Contentment is a service that provides a comprehensive package providing information about developmental needs and stages, practical ways to meet those needs, advice about common issues and most valuable of all personal support and problem solving. A one stop shop where the package is tailored specifically for your family.

Q3. Can’t I learn all this on the web from any parenting website?

A: Maybe, if you have the time and energy to search dozens of websites to find and piece together the various types of information you need, though it still wouldn’t take into consideration your individual family circumstances. Keys to Contentment is a module based package tailored to your family and with ongoing support at the level you desire.

Children flourish when their needs are met

With a deeper understanding of your little one’s developmental stages and a suite of additional parenting tools you will be better equipped to create a richly nourishing home environment, everyone will be more content, including you.

Less frustration, more joy, for everyone.

I’m passionate about helping parents solve everyday parenting issues and become the parents they want to be, to put aside disappointment and confusion, become less stressed, more confident and happier with their parenting.

Everyone in the family more content

Parents tell me that understanding more about their child’s developmental stages and gaining practical skills to meet those needs made a real, practical difference to their parenting. They were calmer and more confident. Keys to Contentment is your pathway to a more harmonious and enjoyable family life.