Hi, I'm Paulene Richardson, I set up even better parenting with the express purpose of using my expertise to assist families who want to raise confident, resilient, joyful children. Is that you?

After decades of experience as an Early Childhood and Montessori specialist, catering for the needs young children and their families I now help parents, just like you, learn how to best meet the developmental needs of their young children within the family context, and how to change the things that are not working.

I can teach you how to use the tools of a Montessori-inspired approach to parenting. Tools which enable children to flourish and parents to parent with confidence, creativity and joy.

As a parent of young children I longed for credible empathetic help, it was hard to find. I wanted to find a mentor who understood the type of parent I wanted to be. I am thrilled to be able to offer the support I longed for, to you. I am now that mentor.

My professional background

I started my professional life as a primary teacher, however after being introduced to Montessori education I fell in love with the approach and off I went to London to do my (AMI) Montessori training.

Vast experience

I have worked extensively with children and their families, providing practical advice; equipping parents with strategies, skills and knowledge about how to create the best, most nourishing home environment for their child and for the family as a whole.

Parents said the changes really helped

I realised that over and over parents asked me for for help on the same issues and so I created even better parenting to allow parents everywhere to that same information and support.

My work focuses particularly on families with children from toddlers - 6 years.

You don't have to be committed to Montessori-style education to experience the benefits of the approach, it doesn’t matter if you’ve never heard of Maria Montessori. It's a practical approach and importantly, one which is in harmony with the developmental needs of the child.

Working with parents one-to-one to help them create a nourishing, harmonious home is one of my favourite things to do and families tell me they’re really satisfied with my help (see testimonials below).

Why use my services?

Families with whom I work tell me the strategies I teach them are practical and really help to make family life more enjoyable for everyone.

I promise you that after working with me you will more fully understand the learning and developmental needs of your young child and how better to cater for those needs.

 I've helped many other families, I can help yours too. 

Working with families to clarify their goals, resolve tangled issues and create a practical ongoing plan is one of my favourite things to do.

Would you like me to support you to create your own parenting plan?

  • I can work with you so you more fully understand the developmental needs of your child. Meeting your child’s developmental needs eases their frustration and gives them the opportunity to find their inner calm.

  • You can learn new, practical ways to meet the challenges of the early years.

  • I can be your 'turn to' person when you need advice.

  • You may not be entirely clear about the sort of parent you want to be, or you may be dissatisfied with your current parenting, I can help you clarify your thoughts and put together a workable plan.

Every family deserves to be happy

Understanding more fully the developmental needs of your child will mean you will be able to :

  • Communicate and engage even more effectively with your child

  • Have realistic expectations - underestimating or overestimating your child's capabilities can create stress and unhappiness for everyone

  • Set clear, effective limits without the need for rewards or punishment

  • Use natural consequences instead of punishments

  • Be creative and confident about the activities you plan and the toys you buy - many homes are full of toys children seldom use.

  • Understand why so often children have so much yet are still not satisfied and don’t use most of what they have.

The right information, support and simple strategic changes make a huge difference to family life.  

Read more about services here.

Take the first step today. Contact me at even better parenting 

Testimonials from satisfied families:

Lisa: "With the arrival of our second child, we were keen for some assistance and strategies in dealing with typical 2-3 year old behaviour challenges, and ensure we were prepared for inevitable sibling rivalry and others issues that arise when there’s more than one. Paulene exceeded our expectations, she was down to earth and truly understood our parenting challenges.

In listening to us, she gave great practical strategies, along with the reasons why. We have implemented many of the simple tools provided, and these have definitely helped replace an authoritarian approach with one that is based on choice, that is calm and results in happier and more well behaved boys (and parents!). Paulene has a wealth of knowledge and skill, I’d happily recommend her to anyone looking for alternative strategies to assist with the frustrating challenges we all have as parents."   

Olga: Thank you very much for all you are sending!  I truly enjoy each article and I pass it on to my daughters, in laws, friends and students!  God bless you for sharing such valuable info for the children thru the adults.

Emily: "I attended Paulene’s seminar and found it interesting, informative and very relevant for my young family. She was generous with her time by answering questions from her audience. I found her to be approachable and friendly. I came away feeling motivated to make changes in my home. I follow her Facebook page and find the articles and tips helpful."                                

Audrey: "Thank you for an eye opening and enlightening session at the Vermont South library. I found it very useful as well as reassuring of my parenting skills.  It has given me confidence of my approach towards parenting and disciplining my four year old son. I look forward to the next time you speak at the our library."  

Jen: "Thanks Paulene. You are such a wealth of wonderful knowledge and advice. I’ve started following you on Instagram".