Welcome to even better parenting.

I'm Paulene Richardson and I set up even better parenting to support parents who want to raise confident, resilient, joyful children.

Like you, most parents know the importance of the early years and want to give their children the best start possible but it’s not always clear how to do that.

Let’s start here:

Children flourish when their needs are met

You’re a loving parent, you want to give your child the best start, you want to meet your child’s needs but that’s not always as simple as it sounds if you don’t fully understand them. Misunderstandings and mismatched expectations often leads to frustration and unhappiness, for both parent and child.

By gaining a deeper understanding of your little one’s developmental stages and learning how best to provide a home environment which encourages and richly nourishes your child, everyone will be more content.

I would love to use my skills and experience to help you do that.

Less frustration, more joy, for everyone.

I’m passionate about helping parents like you give their child a great start by understanding needs and using that knowledge to build a strong, resilient foundation which will last a lifetime.

I’m also passionate about helping parents become more confident and more content in their parenting.

Create a rich learning environment to nourish your child

On this site you’ll find a range of services, information and advice which when utilised will give you the knowledge to better understand your child’s developmental stages and the skills to confidently meet those needs.

I am an early education and Montessori specialist and you now have the chance to access my expertise. I’ve helped many parents like you too apply Montessori-inspired principles to everyday parenting, with great results. It doesn’t matter if you’ve never heard of Montessori I can show you how the principles can be applied in every home so that everyone will be happier.
Montessori-inspired parenting is not home schooling, it doesn’t seek to replicate a classroom, and doesn’t need expensive equipment just a willingness to learn about the developmental needs of children and discover how to best meet those needs within the family setting.

Individual parenting plans

  • I would love to work with you to create an individual parenting plan tailored for your family, taking your personal circumstances into consideration, supporting and guiding you through the steps needed to create the home life you want for your children, and yourself.

Everyone in the family more content

  • Parents tell me that learning more about what motivates their child made a real, practical difference to their parenting, they were calmer and more confident. They said that the changes I helped them make meant everyone was calmer and much more content.

Finding a different way is easier with support

  • Changing habits or patterns alone is hard, not impossible but really hard, it’s why people in all walks of life seek out coaches and mentors to support them to achieve important goals.

Practical parenting ideas and strategies

  • On my blog page you’ll find articles targeting the needs of children from toddlers - six years, packed with information, practical ideas and strategies to support good parenting from a Montessori perspective.

In summary, even better parenting - empowering parents to:

  • create a practical parenting plan for their family

  • more fully understand and meet their child's developmental needs

  • give their child the best possible start

  • manage everyday family issues in positive ways

  • raise strong, confident, resilient children

  • enjoy parenting more

Examples of my blog posts, come on in, there’s lots to enjoy.