Welcome to even better parenting.

I'm Paulene Richardson and I set up even better parenting to support and assist parents who want to raise happy, resilient children using a Montessori-inspired approach.

The early years are so important as they provide the foundation on which the rest of life is built.

Children are happiest when their developmental needs are met

To meet those needs and give their children the best start it’s important that parents have information and support.

even better parenting provides both support and information

  • On my blog page you’ll find articles, targeting the needs of children from toddlers - 6 years, packed with information, practical ideas and strategies to support good parenting.

  • Parents tell me that understanding more about their child’s developmental needs made a real difference to their parenting and that the changes they made meant everyone in the family was more content.

  • Changing habits or patterns alone is hard, it’s why people in all walks of life seek out coaches and mentors to support them to achieve their goals. I would love to support and guide you as you to establish your goal of positive parenting practises, in your home.

In summary, even better parenting - empowering parents to:

  • more fully understand and meet their child's developmental needs

  • give their child the best possible start

  • manage everyday family issues in positive ways

  • raise strong, confident, resilient children

Examples of my blog posts, come on in, there’s lots more to see.